Soya Chunks Masala Dry

(Priti Patel) #41

This is by far the simplest soya ball recipe I had found online. Every other blogger required some kind go tempering blending and powdering a lot of spices before you even get to cooking the soya ball. Although some of your steps don't make sense like the last step about adding oil to the soya ball-u might want to relook into that. anyhow it turned out OK and I liked it.

(Jane Jojo) #42

Thanks for trying it out Priti :) Last step makes it a perfect dry. But to serve with roti or any other Indian breads, you can avoid that also. Contribute a picture of your dish, if you have one :)

(Shriram Parameswaran) #43

Simple and wonderful!! Tried this out with a little twist.. added cut green bellpeppers (simla mirch) also after sauteing the onions . The next time i tried a variation with soy sauce , cornflour , spring onions etc and gave it a manchurianish feel. That too was gobbled up by all!!!

(Keir Finlow-Bates) #44

I must have made this over twenty times by now. It's become a family favourite. If you make lots, the remainders are an excellent cold snack.

(Jane Jojo) #45

Thanks for trying it out, Sriram and Keir :) Contribute your pic :)

(Yogesh Chauhan) #46

thank u so much jane for this recipes .... vag high protein

(Jane Jojo) #47

Thanks for trying it out, Yogesh :) Contribute your pic!

(Kandavel Palanivel) #48

Thanks lot jane.... . I tried today it is very tasty also my friends taste it and said good results....

(Jane Jojo) #49

Thanks Kandavel :) Upload your pic :)

(Visakha) #50

Thanks for the recipe! It's turned out great!! :D Check out the photo on my blog! Cheers!

(Jane Jojo) #51

Visakha, Great to hear that it turned out well for you :)

(srushti shah) #52

Never liked soya chunks so much ❤️ Thank you

(Jane Jojo) #53

Thanks Srushti :)

(Amanda Abban) #54

Thanks for the recipe I would definitely try it today

(Jane Jojo) #55

Try it out and let me know whether you liked it :)

(Amanda Abban) #56

Ive tried it for supper it's very nice

(Jane Jojo) #57

Thanks Amanda :)

(Neerav) #58

I made this for my wife. She loved it. We made it into kati rolls with onions. Brilliant recipe.

(Jane Jojo) #59

Thanks Neerav!

(Garima) #60

I cooked it today! Turned out really welll :) Thanks for this recipe ;)