Soya Chunks Masala Dry

Thanks for trying it out, Garima!!

Best soya dish ever tasted... And how cool that you and your husband are together in this deliciously awesome venture...

Thanks a lot :)

I used a Bengali spice mix called “Panch Phoran” instead of fennel seeds and this dish turned out to be heavenly. I have tried soya dishes a few times before with average results and I never imagined I could make something so tasty with Soya chunks.

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Thanks a lot for trying it out! Great to hear that you liked it.

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I made this recipe almost exactly I just added less chili powder, Chicken Masala instead of Garam, & cumin seeds about half a tsp. And trust me everything came out fantastic.

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Thanks a lot Tanya! Can you post a picture when you make it next time?

Was yum. Made in a cast iron kadhai, so was easy to get the brown colour.

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Thanks Achu for trying it out!!