Kerala Style Pepper Chicken (Nadan Kurumulaku Kozhi)

(Jane Jojo) #101

Thanks a lot Remya! Happy to hear that you liked it. Thanks for trying out my recipe :)

(G Rani Dora) #102

thank you...simple but really tasty..

(Jane Jojo) #103

Thanks a lot :)

(Jayaprakash) #104

Very nicely explained.
Let me try and give my feed back

(G Rani Dora) #105

Nice.simple yummy recipe.w ell explained👌👌👌

(Jane Jojo) #106

Thanks a lot!

(Amit) #107

Thanks for the super simple recipe. Taste wise it was awesome and delicious.

(Jane Jojo) #108

Thanks for trying out my recipe. Happy to hear that you liked it :)

(Suraj Zach Oommen) #109

I came across this recipe of yours while searching over the internet, when I thought of treating family over weekend. The steps as explained were of great help as I'm not a gifted cook or someone who cooks regularly. Except for reducing pepper content to suit our tolerance level, I have sticked on to your instructions. In the end, family got to enjoy a great meal. That's why I thought of sharing my gratitude for sharing this recipe.

(Christine Elle) #110

What kerala side dish would you recommend to make with this?

(Bellavida) #111

Looking forward to trying out this recipe. What type of chicken would work best with this- thighs or mixed pieces? Also, has anyone tried this with boneless chicken ?

(Jane Jojo) #112

Thighs and mixed pieces will work out for this. I don’t prefer boneless breast piece. It doesn’t have much fat on it. Boneless thigh piece is fine. Just cut it into 2-inch pieces and use it.

(Bellavida) #113

Thanks so much, can’t wait to try this!

(Dhanya) #114

Hi Jane,

I am planning to try this with boneless chicken thigh cubes (about 2" cubes). how long does it take to cook the boneless chicken thighs fully after coating with the masalas in a covered pan? Do you use a medium flame for the cooking or a low flame? I’m asking these questions because I have overcooked my chicken on some occasions.

Thank you!

(Jane Jojo) #115

It should take around 15 - 20 minutes. Cook it over low - medium flame. Once the water comes out of the chicken, the medium flame is fine.

(Ben Luiz) #116

Excellent recipe, and so easy! I made this for dinner last night, and received rave reviews from my wife, my kids and their partners.
I will be checking out your site for more great recipes.

(Jane Jojo) #117

Thanks a lot Ben! Great to hear that you and your family loved it. Thanks for trying out my recipe. Explore more in the site and let me know your comments :slight_smile:

(Vidhya Shinu) #118

Hi Jane,

Tried your recipe…ir came out well…would post a pic…i made it with 4kg as there was a get together…waiting to hear their comments too…1530068740939-979782673

(Jane Jojo) #119

Thanks a lot Vidhya! Thanks for trying out my recipe :slight_smile:

(Dheena Mani) #120

Its looking yummu yummu
Just now preparing. Will update the result