Kerala Style Pepper Chicken (Nadan Kurumulaku Kozhi)

(Anjana Nair) #121

Loved it <3

(Jane Jojo) #122

Thanks for posting the picture :slight_smile:

(Athmaja Murali) #123

This is an incredible recipe! and watching the video really helped me understand how much we need to vaatify the onions! And how much we need! I didnt realise we need that many onions ! My husband was really impressed. Neither of us have been very mind blown by my recent cooking but this has hit the spot! thank you! i have been learning cooking from all you lovely food bloggers ! I am eternally grateful. as many of us do, I left India when I got married and all experiments have been based on what people like you tell me. Keep up the great work! Its really appreciated!
Ps- i couldnt find the step on where to add the coconut bits?

(Jane Jojo) #124

Thanks a lot for trying out my recipe! Glad to hear that you and your family loved it :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing out the missing step. I have edited the recipe.

(Nagarajan) #125

2nd the best. Didnt get that dark color first time. Extra pan time on 2nd time brought out the flavour really well. Couldnt get coconut here. So i used the desigated cocucut, bit roasted and cooked with chicken for last 5 minutes.
Simple and best. Thanks for the recipe.