Kerala Style Pepper Chicken (Nadan Kurumulaku Kozhi)

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Chicken pieces cooked and roasted with pepper and spices. It is a perfect preparation to serve to your guests along with rice or chapati (Indian bread). Never replace whole black pepper with pepper powder in this recipe.

Thanks for the recipe! This turned out very well :)

The snap itself is mouthwatering.... Have to buy chicken tomorrow ;-)

Let me know how it comes out for you :)

its a good recipe, but you have not mentioned the proportion of onions to chicken, lime used for marination and pepper used in the recipe...if you could tell that will be helpful for everyone who wants to try it...Thanks Jane

Hey Swati, I think you missed the ingredients list. All measurements are mentioned there..

Oh My bad then! Sorry its a gr8 recipe, I tried it...n it turned out good. thanks again

Really nice recipe! I'm a beginner in cooking but this recipe turned really great!! I love Kerala cuisine and this was exactly what I was looking to eat after a tired day of work. Thanks!

Thanks for ur super recipe........

Should we fry the onions in coconut oil? Can it be replaced?

Hey Zoyaneeb, You don't have to fry onions. Just saute it until they are soft and turn brown in color..

Tried this, came out well. Thanks a lot Jane :)

Jane its looks great:)

I'm definitely trying this Jane

Hi Jane, i tried this and came out well. Thanks :)

Great to hear that, TIna! Contribute your picture :)

chicken looks real yummy..going to try dis tonight..fingers crossed!!..

Thanks Janechi. i will try this weekend ...

Hii jane.i prepared this without aniseed. Still it came out well.

Thanks for trying it out :)