Kerala Style Pepper Chicken (Nadan Kurumulaku Kozhi)

(trupsg) #21

Hi Jane...tried out your recipe. My son who is a foodie simply loved it.

(trupsg) #22

Hi Jane...tried out your recipe. My son who is a foodie simply loved it.

(Sun) #23

You made my weekend with this recipe! I made it on saturday and served it for friends on sunday. It only got better. Leftovers were had the next day with dosa. Superb!

(Jane Jojo) #24

Thanks trupsg and Sunbula :)

(akhil) #25

Hey Jane!!
I was living with my brother since last 4 months...I was doing my industrial training and we were having a perfect bachelor life...I am the one who deals with the cooking and all since I am doing my hotel management, before leaving back for college I wanted to make this dish for him since he is really fond of spicy kerala dishes and it came out really well...thank you so much for your means a lot :) take care

(yasminsaju) #26

Most of the recipes of you had add aniseeds.may I know what is the reason is adding aniseeds without jeera.

(Jane Jojo) #27

Aniseeds is one of my favorite spice :) It gives a nice flavor, especially to Kerala dishes.

(yasminsaju) #28

For lunch i prepared this recipe. Wow.! ! Its excellent. Thanks dear.

(Jane Jojo) #29

Thanks Yasmin :) Contribute a pic of your dish.

(akshiljith) #30

I tried this for dinner.. Enjoyed the same with frnds,,,, Thx alot...! Jane :)

(Jane Jojo) #31

Glad that you tried it out, Akshil :)Thanks!

(Lekshmi Rakesh) #32

It's n amazing recipe Jane. ..just loved it!

(Gopikrishna Narayan) #33

this was great, i really enjoyed cooking it and enjoyed the taste of it . Enjoyed with my friends .

(Jane Jojo) #34

Thanks Lekshmi and Gopi!!

(suneshpv) #35

I tried yesterday Pepper Chicken. It came out well my wife impressed :) thanks Jane

(Jane Jojo) #36

Thanks for trying it out, Sunesh :)

(Vandana Henry) #37

Tried this today, and it came out really well. Thanks for sharing .

(Anns) #38

Tried it 3 times, and everytime it turned out great ! Thanks a lot Jane...

(Shefna Sherin) #39

Tried today! Awesome. My hus get impressed! Thanks jane

(Jane Jojo) #40

Thanks for trying it out Vandana, Anns and Shefna :)