Kerala Style Pepper Chicken (Nadan Kurumulaku Kozhi)

(Meera Mariam Basil) #41

Nice receipe

(Saritha Jinto) #42

Really good for any occasions!Tried it today!Great one.Thanks JaneπŸ˜„

(Jane Jojo) #43

Thanks for trying it out :)

(Asha Ramachandran) #44

We loved the recipe Jane, it was simple with not many spices in it and yum!!

(Shaheena) #45

how much oil should we use for this reciepe jane ?

(Jane Jojo) #46

I have updated the recipe. You have to use around 3 tbsp oil.

(Shaheena) #47

thanks jane . wil try this out :)

(Shaheena) #48

is it okay if we use sunflower oil instead of coconut ?

(Jane Jojo) #49

Coconut oil gives the authentic taste. It is okai to use vegetable oil also.

(Shaheena) #50

May i know upto how long this dish can last?

(Jane Jojo) #51

You can refrigerate it for 3-4 days.

(Shaheena) #52

Is there any substitute for ani seeds powder?

(Jane Jojo) #53

I'm sorry. No substitute for it. It is okai to leave it also.

(ckabhishek) #54

Hi, going to give it a shot. Absolutely love your recipes :)

(Jane Jojo) #55

Thanks, try it out and let me know how it turned out :)

(ckabhishek) #56

wow, it was brilliant. I used 2 tsp pepper but it was still a little too hot for me. however, the next day, the heat seemed to have subsided and the chicken was just awesome.

(Tarun Kumar G) #57

Wow it's simply super

(amita) #58

Thanks for sharing this recipe, Jane :-) This pepper chicken was awesome and it went very well with my vegetable pulao. I have also tagged this recipe from my blog ( Hope this is fine.

(Christopher Mendez) #59

make a bit more spiced up version of this curry. loved it

(Shilpa Prabhath) #60

I think this is going to be awesome! I just love trying every versions og Biriyani!!!