Rose Apple / Chambakka Wine

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Something that everyone falls in love 🙂 One of the best way to make use of rose apples in its season! This recipe is adapted from my mom. And it is well appreciated by family and friends.

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(Deepa Venkitesh) #3

Nice to know. We too have rose apples. We made wine from pineapple this year.

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(Sundaresan Alappatt) #5

untill now i cant see the recipe..........

(Ankit Jain) #6

Jane, you need to put out the recipe, popular demand :)

(Pancy Jojo) #7

Please send me the recipe.

(Jess) #8

please share the recipe

(Jane Jojo) #9

Have shared the recipe, try it out :)

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Thnkz jane... it's really a different one..

(Jane Jojo) #12

Thanks Neenu :)

(Md Mdnirmal) #13

vallatthum nadakumo

(Bejoy Abraham Mathews) #14

too much shadow I guess but great idea!! :)

(Preethi) #15

what fruit is this? Where can i get it from, in the US? Do u get the same or can we alternate? Did u bring the ceramic jar from home?

(Jane Jojo) #16

Preethi, I haven't found this fruit in the US. I made it at my home in Kerala. I have rose apple tree at my home :)

(Lyle Martinez) #17

I have been using an identical recipe here in Thailand for 4 years now. It comes out from 7-9% and is very sweet. This year I finally have found some champagne style yeast as opposed to baking yeast. I have also added 5 whole cloves to one of the batches of the Must as an experiment.

(Jane Jojo) #18

Nice to hear that :) I will try it next time :)

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Thanks a lot :)


I want to try the recipe today.i have a little all that not ripe ones, should i remove that? Cleaning the same jar--should i wash it with boiled and cooled water or dry wash it with a sterlised towel or tissue paper.WHOLE WHEAT/KERNALS IS WHEAT GRAINS ITSELF ISN'T IT ?