Kerala Style Mutton Pepper Fry

(Jane Jojo) #1

Spicy Nadan Pepper Roast recipe!! Mutton pieces cooked and roasted with pepper and spices. It tastes great along with porotta, any sort of rice variants ( ghee rice, pulao, normal rice) and any Indian bread

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(Sujitha Nair) #2

looks delicious

(Anushaa Ashok) #3

The recipe is good and easy can you please suggest a vegetarian variant , I dont eat meat , for the same recipe?

(Jane Jojo) #4

Thanks Sujitha :) Anushaa, I don't have a direct vegetarian variant. But I think soya chunks would work out with this recipe. I haven't tried it though.

(Sweta (My Indian Dietitian)) #5

Happy New Year Jane Here's to a New beginning and New adventures in the New Year!
Wishing you and yours a happy

(indugetscooking) #6

I don't cook mutton much, and when I do, this is the kind of recipe I want to try. Naaden, hot and spicy!!!

(Jane Jojo) #7

It tastes great! Do try it out next time :)

(Jaikumar menon) #8

Great receipe have to try it I don't eat non veg but love to cook it for my daughter.

(Jane Jojo) #9

Thanks Jaikumar. Try it out and let me know how it turns out for you :)

(Tabs Grace) #10

It was delicious!! It was easy and my hubby loved it. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe!

(Jane Jojo) #11

Thanks a lot for trying it out :)

(Nivae) #12

Awesome Recipe! I tried this multiple times and stays as my favorite. My hubby likes it too. Thanks for sharing! :)

(Jane Jojo) #13

Thanks Nivae :)


Perfect recipe! I added 2 chopped tomatoes before adding spices and cooked mutton. Yumm!

(Jane Jojo) #15

Thanks for trying it out Nidhi!

(Ash) #16

This was a delicious dish!

(Jane Jojo) #17

Thanks Ash!

(Mona) #18

You have not mentioned the amount of aniseed powder to be added.

(Jane Jojo) #19

Thanks for pointing it out, Mona. It's actually called fennel powder and I have added the measurements for it.

(Jon) #20

What cut of mutton do you use? I’ve never really worked with it before but this recipe looks amazing - I don’t want to accidentally use the wrong cut of meat and end up with a bad result