Kerala Style Fish curry / Meen curry

(Jane Jojo) #1

Fish curry cooked in red chilli, spices and well flavored with cocum. It is the typical Kottayam style red fish curry. Also called as mulakitta meen curry / meen vevichathu. It can be served with rice or kappa (tapioca/yuca). It always tastes better after a day. This Kerala fish curry had come out well using King Fish, Seer Fish, Malabar Travelly and Salmon.

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(Makku Martin Kurian) #2

what is kudampuli?? :P

(Jane Jojo) #3

Hey, I'm sure you would know this. Check this link:-

(Nirmala Prem) #4

just a teeny tiny modification i do, i add a green chilly along with the ginger n garlic. we like it extra hot here! :)

(Vinod E K Nambiar) #5

i know only malabar style... which is less spicy.. i love the way ppl cook in Kottayam and Alleppy.. Even i learnt some tips from Baiju abt this.. let me try now.. :)

(Jane Jojo) #6

Try it out :)

(Sreeraj Krishnan) #7

i tried it :) it is great :)

(Amrita Shivkumar) #8

Love this with Kappa

(yasminsaju) #9

Twice I prepared this as my husband love it.I would like to say texture of your Cury , , its so nice. But what I cooked its in little bit dark in red. [I haven't knowledge to distribute the picture of my dish .how ever I will try .Thanks

(Anand Nair) #10

Yup tastes awesome with Kappa

(Anand Nair) #11

@yasminsraju did you try the "contribute a picture" link above the comments section on the recipe page? Please post a pic of the dish:)

(Jay) #12

I tried this and really loved it.

(Jane Jojo) #13

Thanks Jay! Contribute pic of your dish :)

(Jay) #14

Thanks Jane, added my version :) As a guy from Travancore I love the red curry versions. Missing all the good stuff since I am at the opposite part of the globe. But thanks again for bringing back the delicious memories.

(Pooja Goswami Barkataky) #15

Hi, Can i use Tamarind instead of Coccum?

(Jane Jojo) #16

The authentic curry has cocum. I haven't tried with tamarind. But it should work out. It is a good alternative since it gives the sourness to the curry. Soak tamarind in water. Add water to the curry as per your taste :)

(Gp) #17

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(Rahul) #18

Thani naadan meen curry :) Kollaam

(Jane Jojo) #19

Thanks Rahul :)

(Preethi) #20

Hi! Lovely recipes... thanQ! What kind of fish have you used here? What is a good substitute for kikum? can u show by pictorial, how u soak use the water of kokum? How much to use?