Kerala Style Chicken Curry - without coconut (Nadan kozhi curry)

(Jane Jojo) #21

Thanks Suresh! Contribute your pic :)

(Sheena Xavier George) #22

Hi Jane. Tried your recipe.. Turned out really good.. Thank you so much..

(Jane Jojo) #23

Thanks Sheena for trying it out :) Contribute your pic!

(Mukil Raj) #24

It tastes good... but kaanan oru Look illa... can u pls tell me how to make it look like as in magazines and hotels?

(josna vimal) #25

i was just searching for chicken curry recipe n i happen to view ur blog n i liked all ur menus. im gonna definitely try this one n all other recipes ill use as further reference.

(Jane Jojo) #26

Thanks Josna! Try it out and let me know how it turns out for you! Also, contribute your pic :)

(Jaya Krishnan) #27

jane njan undakki pralde vayarum athiloode manasum nirakkuka ente istama ath ningaliloode sadhichu thank u

(Jaya Krishnan) #28


(Jaya Krishnan) #29

nice and easy

(Jane Jojo) #30

Thanks for trying it out. Contribute your pic if you have :)

(Alvin John) #34

Cooked for the first time in my life. I mean a main course dish. Was successful. Thanks! :)

(Jane Jojo) #35

Thanks for trying it out Alvin :) Great to hear that you liked it.

(Maaroof Vk) #36

Clocked 4kg chicken

(Sapna Prem) #37

Looks very similar to my mom's recipe.. Mouthwatering.. I am gonna try this tomorrow.. Keep posting good Kerala recipe like this :-).

(Jane Jojo) #38

Thanks Sapna :) Try it out and let me know how it turns out for you :)

(Sapna Prem) #39

It came out so delicious.. :) Thankyou so much for the recipe.. And I have taken the pic for u.. :-) How can I send it to u

(Sapna Prem) #40

It came out very delicious Jane :) thanks for sharing the recipe. And I have taken a pic to show u.. Pls let me know how to share it with u :)

(Jane Jojo) #41

Sapna, Great to hear that. You can click on New Post from your homepage and add your picture.

(G Rani Dora) #42

My first attempt of kerala style kozhi curry!! N my husband loved it!! Thanks a lot for this recipe!! Came out r def a life saver!! :) keep posting!! CHEERS :)

(Jane Jojo) #43

Thanks Erin for trying it out! Can you contribute your picture?