Kerala Style Chicken Curry - without coconut (Nadan kozhi curry)

I otherwise call this Red Chicken Curry for it’s brilliant red gravy. Chicken curry well flavored with spices. This recipe is my evolved kind of nadan chicken curry. It goes well with pathiri, any sort of rice variants ( ghee rice, pulao, normal rice), chapathi, appam or any other Indian breads. It is an easy peasy recipe for kerala chicken curry which suits for a weekday menu. Good one for bachelor’s and newbies to cooking also.

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Naadan Kozhi Curry & Chor (Rice) !! Huff mind-blowing stuff !!

Can also be tried out with Chappathi or Naan.

wow yum


Not sure if u remember me jane

Happen to see this recipe and it turned out really super. .by the way I was ur senior in mec

I got you :) Thanks for trying it out :)

Awsum ;)

its good

Thanks Jane for another red curry. Tried it and it was wonderful!

Thanks Jay! Contribute your pic :)

Already did :)


Very nice and tasty curry with a nostalgic flavor.Easy to cook, but somehow it tastes a lot tastier than what i normally prepare. Thanks for the lovely recipe.

Thanx for trying it out :)

Thanks Jane for the recipe , I tried it and it was very tasty

Great to hear that! Contribute your pic :)

I am a complete novice in cooking. This was my first chicken experience. The curry is a little too spicy. Otherwise it came out really tasty. Most people would like it with 1 tbsp of chilli powder. Anyways, thanks for sharing the good recipe.

Thanks for your feedback, Ajith! Contribute your pic :)

I tried your chicken curry and liked it. It is a hybrid of Chicken Mulakittathu with traditional chicken curry with semi-thick gravy. Thanks for the recipe!