Kerala Chicken Roast - without coconut (Nadan Chicken Roast)

(Jane Jojo) #1

Chicken cooked and roasted in spicy onion tomato gravy. This recipe is adapted from my mom and a quite easy kerala style chicken tomato roast recipe. Must dish for Sunday lunch and any other special occasions. One of my favorites and a quite delicious one! Goes well with rice and chapathi / Indian breads.

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(Soumya Sivadas) #2

janechechi this luks yummy... have u used chicken masala powder or is it the plain garam masala?

(Jane Jojo) #3

Soumya, I used plain garam masala powder .

(Mijo 'N' Nameetha) #4

Jane chechi , curry looks yummy :) Are the measurements in tsp ?

(Mijo 'N' Nameetha) #5

and is it Small Onion ?

(Jane Jojo) #6

Measurements are in tsp. I have updated :) And it is normal onion.

(Titty Jacob) #7

Hi Jane, the roast was excellent ! Here's my wife's special thanks. My 3 yr. old son who never took chicken before was literally in the roast pot yesternight during supper.

(Jane Jojo) #8

Thanks a lot for trying it out :)

(G Rani Dora) #9

tried and tastes good.. i added a bit of whipped curd to make it a currry...

(Krishnan Jeesha) #10

Only one word . . . Awesome :) . . Just made it and it is arguably the best chicken dish I have made . . Although used up all the onions and tomatoes mom had kept . . You should say the size of onion too . . I used mediumish large onions . . and 5 to 6 sufficed . . and four tomatoes again mediumish large 4 :) . .

(yasminsaju) #11

Looks great to see. Today I must try

(lakshmy) #12

Simply Delicious.. my kids and hubby love it!!

(Jane Jojo) #13

Thanks Lakshmy :) Yasmin, Try it out and let me know how it turned out for you..

(yasminsaju) #14

Little bit more spicy. But I love it .important thing my son was happy vit .Thanks my dear.

(varshitha prabhakar) #15

luvd it..:) mouth s watering...

(Bushan Rao) #16

Tried it today..thank you :)

(Jane Jojo) #17

Thanks for trying it out :)

(Bushan Rao) #18

Jane..I posted a pic on my wall. It came out well but a lil thick gravy :(

(Amith Manohar) #19

Just tried it...turned out really well

(Jane Jojo) #20

Thanks Amit!