Kerala Chicken Roast - without coconut (Nadan Chicken Roast)

(Shyam Gopal) #21

i don't have coconut oil gotta try with normal veg oil

(Jane Jojo) #22

Coconut oil gives the authentic taste. You can try with any other vegetable oil.

(Shyam Gopal) #23

Yes :) ,I tried it! Turned out awesome! Thank you

(Jane Jojo) #24

Thanks for trying it out, Shyam!

(Remya Unnikrishnan) #25

It seems to be gonna try this today😊

(Neetu Shibu) #26

Jane .. I tried this and it became real hit . Thanks

(Jane Jojo) #27

Great to hear that Neetu :)

(Ajin George) #28

Jane...I tried this dish today, it was super awesome 😀

(Jane Jojo) #29

Thanks Ajin for trying it out! Contribute your pic :)

(Ajin George) #30

Done ! :)

(tisha thomas) #31

hi jane, i tried this recipe as well for a potluck. All my friends loved it. Thank you so much for the recipe. I have subsituted tomato with a Tbsp of lemon juice and added some coconut chips as well. it was soo yumm. This is your second recipe I'm trying. i should tell that you are a great cook. Cheers.

(Jane Jojo) #32

Thanks a lot for trying it out! You made my day :) Contribute your pic :)

(Vipin MV) #33

hii jane ........... We tried this, it was very tasty....

(Jane Jojo) #34

Thanks Vipin!! Contribute your pic :)

(shine paramel) #35

Hi Jane, I just made this for my dinner and took it to office ... Got a few fans following...

(Jane Jojo) #36

Thatz great :) Contribute your pic!

(shine paramel) #37

Unfortunately no... The moment I heated it in microwave it got vanished...

(Aarathy Subramaniam) #38

What can we use in place of ani seeds powder…?

(Jane Jojo) #39

Ani seed powder is nothing else but fennel powder. I have corrected it in the recipe. It gives a nice flavor especially for meat masalas. There’s no replacement as such. Leave it out if you don’t have it. Don’t miss garam masala.

(Sreeraj Ov Sree) #40

Thanks chechi… For yummy and fabulous Taste for chicken… When I cook mostly prefer a book of cooking…but from now I follow ur recipe for cooking (with ur permission )
And one again I thanks for the chicken roast recipe…