Carrot and Dates Cake (Without butter)

Thanks for trying it out and sharing the pic, Soumya :slight_smile: Happy to hear that you liked it.

Hi, stunning cake, has made muffins from it 3 times. The only thing I can’t seem to get right is the caramel. It looks great but as soon as I add the water it makes hard clumps which I can’t get to dissolve again. Any advice? Thanks for a great site

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At what point do you add the water? Add water to the sugar when its solid to dissolve it, but not after heating it up.

Hi, as per the recipe, see below, I add the water once the sugar has turned to caramel and it’s getting fairly dark, then add water but then it immediately hardens part of the caramel. Thanks for responding

Prepare caramel - Heat sugar in a dry pan over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Swirl the pan often to avoid sugar clumps and get the sugar caramelized equally on all portions. Make the Caramel dark and on the bitter side. The bitterness of the Caramel complements this cake really well.

Add hot water to the caramel. It will bubble up and be careful. Switch off the heat as soon as the caramel dissolves.