Beef Fry - Kerala style Beef Ularthiyathu with Thenga Kothu

(Jane Jojo) #1

One of the favourite dish of Malayalees. Goes good with rice and a great touchings for alcohol

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(Joyi Vamadevan) #2

Is it 5Kg of Beef or 0.5Kg of beef

(Jane Jojo) #3

It is 1/2 kg. Corrected.

(Sujitha Nair) #4


(Jane Jojo) #5

Thanks Sujitha :)

(Joh Miljo) #6

Hey Jane, I tried this recipe and must say its just WoW!

(Noyal Varghese) #7

Even me is awsom

(Jane Jojo) #8

Thanks Joh and Noyal!!

(G Rani Dora) #9

Thanks for the receipe. I can show-case my native dish at potluck today :)

(Jane Jojo) #10

Thanks Sonu!!

(Viji Sebastian) #11

Simple and yummy.My daughter and Son in law loved it.Thank you so much

(Jane Jojo) #12

Thanks for trying it out, Viji!!

(Monica) #13

Amazing recipe. Made it today and loved it.

(Jane Jojo) #14

Thanks for trying it out Monica!

(Praveen) #15

It's awesome.. 2 times I tried, my wife loved it. I cooked it wen she is at work and I'm at home.

(Jane Jojo) #16

Thanks for trying it out Praveen! Really happy to hear that you liked it.

(Wilson Mak) #17

Love this recipe. The first try is a blast. Extremely tasty. Which cut do you use? Just curious. Thanks.

(Jane Jojo) #18

Thanks a lot for trying it out, Wilson! I usually buy Beef chuck pot roast from Costco and chop it by myself.

(Sandeep) #19

Very good recipie. We tried and it was very good.
Thanks n regards

(Jane Jojo) #20

Thanks a lot Sandeep!Glad to hear that you liked it.