Beef Biriyani (Kerala Style)


ee reciepe follow cheyyuvaa,,,,,,, samshayamundenkil chodikkum sahaayikkane,,

(Jane Jojo) #22

Always welcome :)

(Ren Matew) #23


(G Rani Dora) #24

In this method of cooking rice you need not drain extra water ?its similar to ghee rice preparation? How perfect it would be if I add plenty of water while cooking rice and draining extra water there after?which method would you recommend?

(Jane Jojo) #25

I add just enough water upfront so that I don't have extra water to drain. I haven't tried the other way.

(Roshin Mary George) #26

I've tried this recipe twice AND it came out great! Thank you very much. The blog design and presentation is also easy on the eye, so it's a pleasure to look up.

(Jane Jojo) #27

Thanks Roshin!!

(Surya) #28

Jus tried it today it was. Yummmmmmm thanks for the recipe

(Jane Jojo) #29

Thanks Surya for trying it out :)

(Silby) #30

Thanks fr the recipe....I tried was.....yummmmmm.....

(Jane Jojo) #31

Thanks Silby!!

(Sarah Thomas) #32

Hai Jane,
I prepared your recipe for my husbands birthday. it turned out well and tasty.

(Jane Jojo) #33

Thanks a lot for trying it out, Sarah :) Great to hear that it turned out well!!

(G Rani Dora) #34

This is a fantastic recipe. It look a long time to cook from scratch, but was truly worth it. Thank you for posting it.

(Jane Jojo) #35

Thanks for trying it out :) Happy to hear that you liked it.

(Rekha Mathew) #36

Thanks for the recipe…I tried it yesterday…It was Soo tasty :yum:

(Jane Jojo) #37

Happy to hear that you liked it :slight_smile:

(Heidi I.) #38

Hello from Germany- thank you so much for this beautiful recipe. My family and me were all very happy, it was so delicous!!! My husaband said: ‚ÄúUrgently needs to be repeated‚Ä̂Ķ

(Jane Jojo) #39

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Great to hear that your family enjoyed it!

(Elizabeth philip) #40

I cooked biriyani for the very first time yesterday and i loved it‚Ķthank you so much for this recipe‚Ķqq‚Ķ did you use aniseed powder or fennel powder for making the marinationmasala?and also, before you start layering, did you add ghee into the pan? I think my rice got a little bit sticky‚Ķ could you please give me some tips to avoid that stickiness‚Ķ ? I am so happy it tasted too yum though‚Ķ :kissing_heart:thanks again‚Ķ I wish you had uploaded a video of this recipe so that I could make sure I didn‚Äôt miss out any single step‚Äč:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:‚Ķ