Beef Biriyani (Kerala Style)

(Jane Jojo) #41

Thanks a lot for trying out my recipe! Happy to hear that you liked it. While layering the biriyani, I add 1-2 tsp ghee in every layer. But if you wanna cut down on ghee, you can avoid it. While cooking rice, the moment you don’t find any water at the top, you can switch off the pan. But keep it closed for another 10 - 15 minutes. By this time, water would be completely absorbed, and rice would be cooked. Open the pan and fluff the rice otherwise, rice will get sticky towards down the pan.

(Elizabeth philip) #42

Thank you so much Jane😍…u r my inspiration…

(Sai Koshy) #43

Thank you so much for the recipe. Will definitely try. Just wanted to ask… In the layering does beef masala go as first layer or rice?

(Jane Jojo) #44

Beef masala goes in as the first layer