White chocolate mud cake with White chocolate ganache

My hubby’s favorite one 🙂 Extremely moist and a very rich cake! It almost melts in your mouth. This cake has a thick sugary crust. It tastes superb even without the ganache. An easy and delicious white chocolate mud cake recipe. Adapted from nigella.com.

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Hey Jane.. Could you please provide me the cup measures.. I really cant decipher the 'Gram' measurements.. :(

Same here. Jane could you please give the cup measurements as well?

Hey Teena.. Google for the cup measurements! Worked just fine for me. Butter and Chocolate is pretty easy to measure in grams since it will be mentioned in their package. Rest - Google it is :)

I used my kitchen scale for the measurements. Just that I am so used to the cup measurements :).

Teena, Thanks for trying it out. I'm the other way around. I'm used to my kitchen scale :)


Is this recipe too sweet for buttercream frosting? Also can I reduce sugar? Also white cooking chocolate is same as chocolate melts?

The cake is not that over sweet. It has a sugary crust. But if you are really concerned about the whole cake sweetness, you can reduce sugar of the cake/frosting slightly.

You will get cooking/baking white chocolate bars/chips in the baking section of supermarkets or in special baking ingredients stores. Baking chocolate is pure chocolate without any added ingredients. Other chocolates sold for eating contain sweeteners and flavorings. If chocolate melts is meant for baking, it should be okai to use.

What size pan?? It looks like you are using a springform pan??

Yes, i used 9 inch Springform pan. It works for the measurement in the recipe.