Vanilla Panna Cotta

(Jane and Cherian) #1

This is probably the easiest dessert recipe out there. But real taste of a panna cotta lies in the ingredients. There is a huge difference between using a fresh vanilla pod and vanilla essence. Though the essence is sufficient for your first attempt, you’ll need fresh vanilla for the taste that’s from paradise. Also increase sugar a bit if you are on the sweeter side.

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(Nirmala Prem) #2

how do you make the caramelized nuts?

(Reeba Jerry) #3

Cherry, tried this today, came out really well :)

(Reeba Jerry) #4

Lindt Chocolate fudge sauce, get it from there. i bought it from there :0

(Arpitha Jacob) #5

Where do I find heavy cream in Bangalore?

(Arpitha Jacob) #6

I have used the amul product. Doesn't heavy cream have a higher butter fat content?

(Arpitha Jacob) #7

Thank you. I have been looking for heavy cream for other recipes.

(Arpitha Jacob) #8

Tried the recipe yesterday. Came out well. Thank you

(Marek Thi) #9

I like the idea of caramelized nuts on the panna cotta very much.

(Gomathy Aiyer) #10

is there a replacement for gelatin that can work for this recipe

(Reemol Bony) #11

Thank you.i have been looking this recepie