Tomato chutney

(Jane Jojo) #1

Simple and yummy chutney which goes well with dosas and idlis

chilli powder

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(Teena C H) #2

Hi, This is indeed a very delicious side-dish! Easy to make as well. Thanks Jane for the clear steps!

(Jane Jojo) #3

Did you try it out, Teena?

(Rahul Thekke Purayil) #4

Excellent with Idili :) today i made it

(Jane Jojo) #5

Great to hear that, Rahul :)

(Anders Svensson) #6


(Anders Svensson) #7

It is looking very yummy and delicious. When, I saw this tomato chutney. I can't wait for any one to try this one. I will make it at my home. Thanks Cherian.

(Malin Andersson) #8

it's looking very simple and sounds of this recipe is great. I will try it in my free time. I think it is very easy to make as well. Thanks for sharing. To Know More:

(Jane Jojo) #9

Thanks Anders and Malin. Yes, it's quite simple and yummy :)