The Valentines Day dinner: Steak, wine and a little bit of love

(Jane Jojo) #1

Valentine’s Day is always a fine dining restaurant for us. There’s a certain appeal about restaurant food that you can’t argue. The plating, the ambience, the cut of meat, the rich sauces; it’s the whole package.

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(indugetscooking) #2

Wow, you actually learnt how to do it! How do we know that the chicken is done, without a thermometer and all?

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(Ramya Menon) #4

This post made me go awwww! A lot of us ladies are gonnna be showing this to the 'can't-even-boil-water' men in our lives :)

(Dr.ajit D narawane) #5

Wow easy to make.looks and tastes delicious.A LOT OF LOVE AND FEELINGS HAVE TO GO IN TO MAKE IT WHAT IT TASTES.WOW