The South Indian green peas masala stew of your dreams

(Jane Jojo) #1

You’ve seen ratatouille. That scene when Anton Ego takes that bite, only to be reminded of him mom’s cooking. Everyone has one. And this is mine.

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(Nirmala Prem) #2

I've never been a fan of green peas curry, and now I know why!!! I'm pretty sure the goop that was served to me was nothing like this... no aniseed or clove... I'm SO gonna try this out!

(Ramya Menon) #3

Lovely account Cherian! Made me think of my Achammas Pattani Curry. :)

(Veena Jan) #4

Cherian ..exactly the same way my mom also cook green peas curry :)

(Elza Sujo) #5

My kids love it!I make it often...good combo with puttu...

(Ramya Menon) #6

Quite a few ladies and Anand too :p!

(Girija Devi) #7

I like it

(Vivek Raman) #8

looks like you have ground the onions but description says slice

(Sushmita Singh) #9

The same way my mom prepares n I'm carrying forward the legacy :)...thanks for sharing this :)

(Vivek Raman) #10

Cooking is much more than just recipe. if only we could capture and transmit that special thing via web!

(Sushmita Singh) #11

Hahahahaha....well said Cherian :).... Being a mother of two beautiful kids I can say this very well that every mother is special to her kids :)...

(Veena Jan) #12

So true Sushmita.. :)

(Sujata Shukla) #13

Lovely post Cherian! Surprisingly the recipe is quite comparable to the Eastern UP 'Nimona' my mom in law used to make, though in hers the peas are soaked and then ground into paste, fried with onions, spices and tomatoes, and finally cooked with a few pieces of potato! I had not realised that a dish from Lucknow and its environs would so closely match one from Kerala! I will post that recipe soon!

(Kaorrie) #14

My first try on Cucumbertown - The blend of spices and really well-fried onion made it so deep and tasty. Thanks Jane and Cherian!

(Jane Jojo) #15

Thanks for trying it out Kaori :)