Pork Fry (Nadan Pork Ularthiyathu - Kerala Style)

(Sruthi Abhilash) #42

Hi...this is the frst time i made pork curry.It came out pretty good nd my husband loved it.Thanks.Hope to try more of ur recipes

(Jane Jojo) #43

Thanks for trying it out, Sruthi!

(Elizabeth) #44

Thanks for this tasty receipe.Chandini

(Jane Jojo) #45

Thanks a lot for trying it out!

(sethu) #46

Tried this today .The main attraction was the simplicity and common ingredients used. Many of the American friends who tasted it were impressed . I was impressed by the taste of the meat brought out by the simple spices used.Good recipe.

(Jane Jojo) #47

Thanks a lot, Sethu! Thanks for trying it out.

(sethu) #48

Good one.The whole family enjoyed.

(Jane Jojo) #49

Thanks a lot, Sethu :)

(Basil Varkey) #50

Kidilan! 💜

(Jane Jojo) #51

Thanks a lot, Basil! Happy to hear that you liked it.

(Suresh 721) #52

l tried it with little modification as grated coconut was not to family taste and shallots were not readily available.
Used Two cups of finely chopped onions and half cup finely chopped tomato in the masala. When masala and meat was mixed added One and a half teaspoons of pepper powder and perum jeerakam powder to it and then mixed well in the pan itself and cooked after adding 2 table spoonful water and mixing again. Kept stirring it in between.
Came out real delicious!!!
Thank you Jane for the nice guidance!

(Jane Jojo) #53

Thanks for trying out my recipe Suresh! Glad to hear that your family liked it with the twists :slight_smile:

(Fleming Joseph) #54

Tried this recipe last night and it was great. My wife who doesn’t eat much pork, liked this so much.

Thank you!!

(Jane Jojo) #55

Thanks a lot for trying out my recipe :slight_smile: Happy to hear that you impressed your wife :slight_smile:

(Balakrishnan Vasudevan) #56

Thank you so much for the recipe. I don’t eat pork, but I made this for two of my friends who visited this week. It tasted great!!
Thanks for recommending cooking the pork first in a cooker, that simplified the whole process.

(Jane Jojo) #57

Thanks a lot for trying it out :slight_smile: Great to hear that your friends loved it.