Pork Fry (Nadan Pork Ularthiyathu - Kerala Style)

(Jane Jojo) #21

Thanks Sujitha!!

(john) #22

Looks delicious! But I don't have a pressure cooker in stow :/ Could you suggest any alternative?? Thanks!! :)

(Jane Jojo) #23

Thanks John! Pressure cooker helps you to cook red meat fast. You can cook it in a regular pan too. It will take longer time, around 45 minutes. Keep it until pork is cooked.

(annsherin) #24

Looks yummy

(john) #25

Thanks a lot Jane! I will definitely your dish.

(Jane Jojo) #26

Thanks Ann! John, Lemme know how it turns out for you :)

(Chinjutreesa Litto) #27

tanks of thanks jane

(john) #28

Thanks a lot Jane! :) It came out really well!!! And it was pretty simple too :D

(Jane Jojo) #29

Thanks a lot for trying it out :) Contribute your pic!

(tisha thomas) #30

Hi Jane. Tried this receipie. It came out really well. For the 1st time I'm preparing pork and it was awesome. Thanks for sharing this.

(Jane Jojo) #31

Thanks Tisha :)

(John Agastin) #32

Gonna try ur receipe today

(Jane Fernandez) #33

Hi Jane, my name is Jane too and I live in Malaysia. It came out really well and I also made the beans thoran. I made rasam too. I cant seem to load the pictures. Sorry.

(Jane Jojo) #34

Thanks for trying it out :) You can click on "New Post" and contribute your picture!

(Amal) #36

Thanks author. More of a thrissur style. I liked it, but I prefer more coriander instead of chilli. Again, thanks for the tips, keep making wonderful dishes & keep making others happy.

(Jane Jojo) #37

Thanks for trying it out, Amal :)

(Raunak Saha) #38

Hello, can you please tell me where can i buy pork near Kottayam medical college?

(Jane Jojo) #39

I'm sorry about that Raunak. I don't have much idea.

(Chandni Ravi) #40

Excellent recipe. Now a regular in our menu.

(Jane Jojo) #41

Thanks Chandni!!