Peasant Bread

Baking bread at home has two advantages. One it wakes up everyone. The aroma fill the whole town. Its like walking down a quaint German street. Two, you don’t have to get your better half to go running for bread to walmart at night. This bread unlike a baguette or the normal French breads is actually bake-able. The peasant bread is perhaps the easiest bread you can do. Make any mistakes with this and I’ll say you can’t bake. It’s that damn simple. All that’s needed is fresh yeast. Don’t compromise on that. You’ll end up with un-raised dough. Since we all have convection ovens at home I’d suggest getting a Borosil or Pyrex microwave proof bowl too. Attribution: The Palo Alto Junior League Cookbook

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Damn! I can almost smell it.

The first-ever bread recipe that has CONVINCED me to try it! Note to self: run to supermarket and pick up fresh yeast TODAY!

This looks delicious. I always love smelling fresh bread walking into a bakery. Now I can have that smell in my own house!

I have to make this!

awesome ......after a tiring day this recipe was blessing ..

DId you ever try this @medini?

Measurement of flour and yeast is required or is that random...?. It will be easier for me if I know the measurement.......Sorry i beginner in baking....