No Bake Eggless Caramel Pineapple Condensed Milk Pudding

(Jane Jojo) #1

This is one hell of a pudding that tastes so well; angels may take over your home. A Three Layer pudding with caramel, sauteed pineapple, milk and condensed milk mixture, topped with caramelized nuts.It’s a bit of work and occasionally needs another pair of hands to hold the vessel, especially mixing when china grass or sugar caramel. Rest said, you’ll enjoy cooking this again and again, and it gets easier once you do it couple of times.

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(Nirmala Prem) #2

looks lovely... will surely try it out... and again, caremelized nutes recipe please!!!

(Reeba Jerry) #4

can i use gelatin instead of china grass?

(Noor Nazar) #5

A small doubt: U said: Remove one glass of milk from the 1 litre. This is not needed. So, lets say if one litre milk is 4 cups then, this pudding requires 3 litres??

(Noor Nazar) #6

Alright :)