Mushroom masala stir fry (Indian Style)

(Jane Jojo) #1

Mushrooms cooked and sauteed in ginger garlic, pepper, and spices. A healthy and tasty side-dish. Goes well with rice, roti, and any Indian breads.

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(Anita cardoz) #2

Yummy. Tks. I normally make mushroom chili fry. This is something

(Sunil Kodiganti) #4

It turned out great, Thanks for the recipe, Sunil n Deepthi

(SJ) #6

You said sugar 1 cup in ingredients but I don't see it used in method?

(Jane Jojo) #7

I'm really sorry about that. Somehow salt was miswritten as sugar in the ingredient list

(SJ) #8

This has become a household favorite. Thanks so much for amazing recipe

(Shanchana) #10

It was the best. I had it with multigrain bread. And thd mushroom turned out soooo good and yummm !
Thanks for sharing.!