Mushroom Masala Curry with Coconut (Indian Style) Recipe | A Little Bit of Spice

(Jane Jojo) #1

Mushroom cooked in spicy coconut gravy. An improvised version of Kerala theeyal preparation with mushrooms. This quick, delicious Mushroom masala curry /Mushroom Theeyal goes well with rice, chapathi, and any Indian breads.

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(Sneha Dayanand) #2

Tried it for breakfast with Neer dosa. Was yummy!
Doubled the recipe and added ground onion instead of chopped ones.

(Sneha Dayanand) #3

Please post more vegetarian dishes. Eager to try them out!

(Jane Jojo) #4

Great to hear that! Thanks for trying it out :slight_smile:

(Jane Jojo) #5

Thanks! Will definitely do :slight_smile: