Lemon Yogurt Cake (Without Butter)

(Jane Jojo) #1

This cake has a perfect moist texture and an amazing lemon flavor. Lemon Pound cake from Starbucks inspired me to try out this easy and delicious recipe from Ina Garten (foodnetwork.com). Hope you will like it 🙂

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(nim) #3

hello Jane, Can I use coconut oil as opposed to vegetable oil? what do you think?

(Jane Jojo) #4

I haven't tried. But I think you cannot.

(Susi Cuccia) #5

Hello all! Was your lemon loaf airy & light?

(Shelley Sellars-Smith) #6

Made this today. Yummy! Texture is just like Starbuck's Lemon loaf. Taste is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing. I did have a bit left over Lemon Zest and I put in in the glazing.

(Jane Jojo) #7

Thanks for trying it out! Great to hear that you loved it :)

(Cheri) #8

Can i use greek yogurt in place of whole milk?

(Jane Jojo) #9

Cheri, I haven't tried with greek yogurt. But I think it will work but may not give exactly same texture as Whole milk yogurt.

(Danielle) #10

The best lemon cake recipe! I was worried because of it not having butter but the yogurt keeps it beautifully moist. I just found your recipe last week and have made this twice so far. It's amazingly refreshing. My family (and neighbors, because they came over for dinner and dessert yesterday) raved about it! I didn't substitute anything, I followed all instructions and it's been perfect both times. The only thing I did the second time was to cut back on the lemon juice for the icing. I made the icing a little thicker but still pourable. Thanks so much for this!

(Jane Jojo) #11

Thanks a lot Danielle! I'm really happy to hear that your family loved it.Thanks for trying out my recipe.

(Donna Gray) #12

Great recipe !. Baking my second cake now with a few tweaks as using a larger round tin and found the first one a bit flat. Finger crossed that I get it right. Found I didn’t have enough syrup the first time round and as this gives the cake a delicious kick I will definitely make more this time.