Lemon Syrup

Prepare a refreshing drink in no time. Dilute lemon syrup with water to make wonderful lemonade. This syrup can be refrigerated , airtight , upto 2 months. Recipe adapted from my mom 🙂

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"Add ginger juice"

anirudh ,it tastes very nice...
jane chechi, thanks for uploading the recipie

Anirudh, ginger juice quantity is less and lemonade won't have the actual "gingery" taste. Ginger juice is added since it is good for digestion..

oh ok :) Looks like a lot of ground for experimentation here. I suppose we can build on this recipe by adding some more flavour - perhaps Nannari ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... ) or Cloves. Would be an interesting experiment. Thanks!

Good one Jane, particularly because it can be stored.