Lemon Syrup

(Jane Jojo) #1

Prepare a refreshing drink in no time. Dilute lemon syrup with water to make wonderful lemonade. This syrup can be refrigerated , airtight , upto 2 months. Recipe adapted from my mom 🙂

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(Anirudh Surendranath) #2

"Add ginger juice"

(Rinu Joseph) #3

anirudh ,it tastes very nice...
jane chechi, thanks for uploading the recipie

(Jane Jojo) #4

Anirudh, ginger juice quantity is less and lemonade won't have the actual "gingery" taste. Ginger juice is added since it is good for digestion..

(Anirudh Surendranath) #5

oh ok :) Looks like a lot of ground for experimentation here. I suppose we can build on this recipe by adding some more flavour - perhaps Nannari ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... ) or Cloves. Would be an interesting experiment. Thanks!

(Gomathy Aiyer) #6

Good one Jane, particularly because it can be stored.