Kerala Style Prawns/Shrimp Roast (Chemmeen / Konchu Olathiyathu)

(Jubi) #21

Thanks for sharing the recipe, want to try it right now😊

(Jane Jojo) #22

Let me know how it turns out for you :)

(Jeena) #23

Tried this today.y husband loved it. Very easy to make also

(Jane Jojo) #24

Thanks for trying it out Jeena :)

(MomofATerribleToddler) #25

Thank you for the yummy recipe... my hubby really liked it... tried first time.. it came out really well.. 😊

(Jane Jojo) #26

Thanks a lot :) Glad to hear that your family liked it.

(G Rani Dora) #27

I tried it today and it was really tasty.
Very nice and fast too.

(Jane Jojo) #28

Thanks a lot! Great to hear that you liked it.

(Tara) #29

Hi Jane, Could you tell me the kind of shrimp you used in this recipe? The big shrimp we get here taste weird sometimes and that really spoils the dish. And I would like to try this recipe.

(Jane Jojo) #30

Tara, Where do you live? I live in Bay Area. I used to get peeled and deveined frozed shrimp from Safeway or fresh ones from Ranch or Seafood City.

(Jimmy Kochi) #31

What type of Mixi/grinder/blender do you use to wet grind? I’m having a tough time trying to buy one.Please help. Thanks