Kerala Style Mutton Stew

Hello. How long would you cook it in the instantpot.?

Thank you . Love your recipes.

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Sorry for the late response. In Instant pot, you can have the timer for 4 minutes in Manual pressure mode.

The recipe is perfect for a delicious mutton stew . Since mutton stew is the favorite in our family in the past I have prepared mutton stew using some other recipes . Hence I used below tweeks from other recipes to enhance this recipe for our taste ;

  1. Used coconut oil for preparing this recipe .
    2.Added Onion , potato and Carrot cut in cubes after frying the mutton well after spice mix step.
  2. After frying ingrediants in point 2 added a Table spoon of All purpose flour and mixed all the ingredients . This resulted in good taste and less use of Coconut milk later.