Kerala Style Mussels Fry (Kallumakkaya Varattiyathu)

(Jane Jojo) #1

Mussels sauteed with ginger-garlic and spices. A spicy dish, and very common in Northern Kerala (Malabar). It can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish with rice.

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(Gita Madhu) #2

At least now I know what it's called in Kerala! Looks yummy!

(Jane Jojo) #3

Thanks Gita :)

(Rini Pal) #4

Looks yummy... I cook mussels with potato.... next time will try this recipe...

(sunilbaindur) #5

Looks soooooo yummy! I can imagine how tasty it will be. Thanks for sharing Jane.

(sunilbaindur) #6

Nice pictures too!

(Jane Jojo) #7

Thanks Rini and Sunil :) Try it out and lemme know how it turns out for you.

(The take it easy chef) #8

That note "Tastes best with coconut oil" is so true!

(sunilbaindur) #9

Yes! These spices and the seafood flavours only get enhanced with coconut oil. It's a healthier option too. Jane would agree :)

(Jane Jojo) #10

Totally agree :)

(Naina) #11

Its excellent...I just lv it...

(Jane Jojo) #12

Thanks Naina!