Kerala Style Mussels Fry (Kallumakkaya Varattiyathu)

Mussels sauteed with ginger-garlic and spices. A spicy dish, and very common in Northern Kerala (Malabar). It can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish with rice.

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At least now I know what it's called in Kerala! Looks yummy!

Thanks Gita :)

Looks yummy... I cook mussels with potato.... next time will try this recipe...

Looks soooooo yummy! I can imagine how tasty it will be. Thanks for sharing Jane.

Nice pictures too!

Thanks Rini and Sunil :) Try it out and lemme know how it turns out for you.

That note "Tastes best with coconut oil" is so true!

Yes! These spices and the seafood flavours only get enhanced with coconut oil. It's a healthier option too. Jane would agree :)

Totally agree :)

Its excellent...I just lv it...

Thanks Naina!