Kerala Style Kappa (Tapioca) Biriyani

Quite easy and delicious authentic Kerala dish! Tapioca cooked, mashed and combined with beef, meat masala and fried coconut. Adapted from

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I have never made or tasted kappa biriyani. Send to office? :D

Next time :)

thank you for the recipe...

Did you try it out? Contribute your picture, if you have :)

Tried it and it was soo tasty.

Great to hear that you liked it :)

So lovely and very tasty thanks for your recipe.

Thanks Eva :) Great to hear that.

Thank you for the recipe. I tried a fusion dish with kappa. Try it

Thanks, it is very good recipe. 😀😀😀😀

Thanks Linette! Thanks for trying it out :)

Tried this yesterday. Came out really well. I had not taken the proportion of kappa, beef correctly. Had more beef, less kappa, but was still very yum! Kids had it as a side with rice, hubby had it as a side with bread and I had it as a main.


Thanks Achu! Can you post a picture next time? :slight_smile:

Yes, will next time. This time everyone was hungry and waiting for food. So didnt get to click.