Kerala Style Beans stir fry with coconut (Beans Thoran)

(Jane Jojo) #1

Kerala style beans stir fry with coconut, garlic and green chilly. A simple and healthy dish that can be served with rice. It’s also called as “beans upperi” in the central part of Kerala. One of the side dishes for Kerala Onam Sadya 🙂

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(Richa Gupta) #2

I love beans prepared this way!

(Jane Jojo) #3

Try it out, Richa! It tastes great with white rice :)

(Arun Prabhakar) #4

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(anu) #5

thank u

(G Rani Dora) #6

Thanks. I was searching for simple easy to cook kerala recipes.

(Jane Jojo) #7

Great to hear that you are liking it :)

(Ramya) #8

Thank you .... it's really nice simple and easy...superb

(Jane Jojo) #9

Thanks a lot for trying it out, Ramya!!