Kerala Prawns/Shrimp masala (Chemmeen/Konchu masala)

(Jane Jojo) #1

Prawns cooked and roasted in spicy onion tomato gravy, flavored with cocum. Prawns is my favorite among the seafood. A yummy side dish for rice, pulao, ghee rice, Chapati or any Indian bread. Enjoy 🙂

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(Vipul Dhondiyal) #2

Thanks for sharing ... I cooked the prawns for the first time yesterday and came very close to what you have shown ... While the color turned out to be little browner the taste was Yummy and everyone enjoyed

(Jane Jojo) #3

Thanks for trying it out, Vipul!!

(Vipul Dhondiyal) #4

I don’t know what to call it . A sheer coincidence that I wanted to cook Prawns and somehow stumped on your recipie again . Was reading the blog and realised that I referred your recipie exactly a year before and posted my comment… wish me luck … Thanks for sharing a clean recipie …

(Jane Jojo) #5

haha, Nice. Thanks a lot Vipin.