Jackfruit seeds and Raw mango curry (chakkakuru manga curry)

(Jane Jojo) #1

Jackfruit seeds cooked with raw mango and coconut mix. This curry has a sour and lightly spicy flavor. One of the traditional Kerala delicacy! A great side dish to go with rice.It is a summertime favourite at my home.Recipe credits to my mom 🙂

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(Anand Nair) #2

Chakkakkuru manga...basically :)

(Jane Jojo) #3

yes :)

(Anand Nair) #4

You know, i always felt this curry deserves a more imaginative name:) Like Erisseri, Theeyal, Olan etc.

(Krishnan Kasturi) #5

Jane... do u have a recipe for mampaza kootan... was looking for some .. i tried couple of times last week .. but did not come out as expected...

(radhikatojo) #6

Jane Jojo i like ur all dishes. i used to try it. It came out well all the time. pls recommand me a spicy prawn curry recepie.......

(Jane Jojo) #7

I haven't tried it yet. Will definitely share once I have one :)

(radhikatojo) #8

Thank U so much Jane

(Nayana Jayachandran) #9

just started thinking about cooking..hope this one is different from daily kerala dishes

(Basil Thoppil) #10

My favourite. My mom makes a variation by using tomato instead of mango.