Ina Garten's Orange Pound Cake

I’m a chocolate lover and never had or thought about orange flavored cake, until I tasted one from my friend Ammu. This is a super delicious moist cake with an outstanding orange flavor. A must try recipe!! Recipe adapted from

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this is really good, yes

Thanks Nancy :)

LoOkiNg vEry yuMmy :-)

Thanks Zajeer!

Really yum. I omitted the glass as well and it was super moist. I added some dark chocolate chunks which sunk at the base but still tasted well with the cake.

Jane can you add to your cake recipes a footnote on how to make eggless versions?

That’s a nice variation of the recipe. Will add eggless versions, once I try it out.

Can I substitute butter with oil ?

Sorry, I haven’t tried replacing butter with oil in this recipe.