Fish Molly / Molee (Fish Stew - Kerala Style)

Fish simmered in coconut milk with onion, ginger- garlic, pepper and tomatoes.Appam with fish molee is a favorite of every malayalee. An all time dream breakfast!! It goes well with Idiyappam and bread also. This recipe is adapted from my mom-in-law. One of my favorite recipe from her collection. Pomfret, Pearlspot, King fish and seer fish are few preferred fishes for this dish.

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Looks yummy!!!Authentic kerala dish...Will try it soon and give you the feedback!!!

Thanks Rakesh! Lemme know how it turns out for you.

Is the print button working? Have tried it twice, but nothing is happening, not sure if it is me or a problem with the site.

Also, just wondering if “pepper powder” is supposed to be used in both the marinade and the cooking, I thought that chili powder was usually used in the marinade and wanted to check.

Finally, you mention aniseed powder in the cooking directions, but it is not included in the ingredients, so how much of is added?

Thanks, sorry for all the questions, Bindu

Sorry Bindu. Print button is not working. I will correct it soon.

Pepper powder is used in both marination and cooking. In fish molly, chilli powder is not used.

I have corrected this. It’s aniseed powder / fennel powder/ perinjeerakam powder. I have added the measurements for it.