Coorg / Kodava style Pork / Pandi curry

Rich dark pork curryfilled with slightly chewy bits of meat and sudden surprises of tamarind and peppery bits.I have always been fond of my aunt’s Pork curry which she learned from a Coorgi friend. I gave an attempt and it came out delicious 🙂 It goes well with‘akki roti’ (rice roti) or ‘kadambuttu’ (rice dumplings), neer dosa, rice or any other Indian bread.

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lovely cooking....

looks yummy.... mouth watering....

Thanks :)

Didn't tell my wife that I got the recipe here :P. Do not eat it immediately. Wait for couple of hour for all the masala to give the flavor to pork. Jane, thanks again.

Try it out and let me know how it turns out for you :)

This looks amazing!!!!

Thanks :)

Looks good

Thanks Zerina :)

looks very good and delicious....will try it just now!

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Tried this and has come out great.... Thank you... Just one ingredient that I added was coria der leaves... Gives a good flavour...

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Is this normal tamarind or kodum puli?

It’s normal tamarind.

Amazing recipe. Loved it. Went really well with dosa.

There was a bitter aftertaste probably from the vinegar in the curry. Would you suggest increasing the amount of tamarind used or using a different souring agent.

Thanks for trying it out, Anusuya! Vinegar and tamarind brings in the sourness to the curry. Not sure, how it got bitter. You can replace vinegar with tamarind, no probs.

Jane JoJo, The basic ingredient is roasted mustard, and jeera is never ever used traditionally.

Kodava Pandi Curry without Mustard cannot be called Pandi Curry