Cilantro chicken curry with Yogurt Recipe | A Little Bit of Spice

(Jane Jojo) #1

I made this for my American friend who did not want it very spicy. Instead of spurting mustard we’ve used cumin and there is no chilly powder at all. Coconut milk was added at last for the gravy and a little bit of water to dilute it. Use the coconut milk to reduce the spiciness but be careful to not sweeten it. The taste is predominantly cilantro and we were generous with the leaves towards the end. Use very little turmeric. Just enough to give t the color. This is not a very easy recipe unless you manage to get all the ingredients from an Indian store. Like most Indian recipes, the key is to prep everything up before you hit the burner. Credits: Mahesh Mohanan and recipe from his wife Prajeetha.

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