Chocolate Brownie

(Jane Jojo) #1

This brownie is made from ghee(clarified butter) and can stay preserved for 2-3 days. The ghee gives the brownie a crusty top that makes it hard on the outside but soft and moist inside.

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(Deepak Prakash) #2

Ahh, I have tasted this. Really good, though a bit more of the ghee taste than I would have liked. :)

(Yousuf Aboobaker Sait) #5

Looks delicious, let me know when you make this next time :)

(Nirmala Prem) #6

do you use chocolate powder (drinking chocolate) or cocoa powder?

(Neetu Shibu) #7

...luks tempting!!!

(Jojo Jose) #8

Really tasty, the crispy sides and soft inside ...

(Smitha Ps) #9

is there any alternatives for egg..?

(Tiya Joshi) #10

Hey one doubt.. Might sound stupid.. but still better stupid than ignorant :) when you say chocolate power, you mean cocoa powder rt?