Chicken Biriyani ( Kerala Style)

(Jane Jojo) #1

An Indian one pot meal. Chicken marinated and cooked with spices and layered with rice. Nadan chicken biriyani is one of my favorites. An easy, quick, tasty and delicious Malabar style chicken biriyani recipe.

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(Anirudh Surendranath) #2

This is the Kerala style preparation, is it not?
@Cherian : you're in so much trouble :P

(Jane Jojo) #3

yeah, this is Kerala style preparation..

(Anirudh Surendranath) #4

@Jane : the wonderful thing about the Biriyani is the number of ways in which it can be prepared - Awadhi style, Hyderabadi style, Malabar style.. so on :)
@Cherian : :P

(Neetu Shibu) #5

Jane! I tried this recipe.... It turned out awesome!!

(Neetu Shibu) #6

The oly variation I made was I used butter to sauté onions instead of oil...

(Jane Jojo) #7

Great to hear that Neets :)

(Jane Jojo) #8

Great to hear that, Neetu! Upload your biriyani snap :)

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(Mohana Lakshmi) #10

very nice recipe, i know how to make france, mutton, biryani also.

(Mohana Lakshmi) #11

very soon i upload my recipes also, iam very much eager about that

(Heba El Barassi) #12

omg so yummy iv just had my dinner nd i got hungry so excited to try that

(Priya Jolly) #13

Thankyou Jane Jojo ! I tried this recipe with a slight variation and its so delicious !!!!

(Jane Jojo) #14

Nice to hear that it came out well for you :)

(Dipin) #15

Thank you for the recipe Jane!It was my first attempt at chicken biriyani with your recipe and it turned out to be a success!

(Jane Jojo) #16

Thanks for trying it out, Dipin :) Great that it came out well for you!

(rbhhere) #17

add some dalda to it .helps to add on the fatty side

(Mohana Lakshmi) #18

I think instead of dalda use fresh home made ghee in every recipe its better.

(sanditg) #19

Trying this tomorrow night sounds great, never made India food!!!! I love it.

(Jane Jojo) #20

Let me know how it comes out :)