Chicken 65 (Indian Style)

(Jane Jojo) #1

Chicken pieces deep fried with the ginger-garlic, chilly and curry leaves. A quick and tasty appetizer that can be done in no time! Inspired from Reeba’s recipe with some tweaks.

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(Soumya Sivadas) #2

Loved it Jane Chechi!! Thank you

(Jane Jojo) #3

Great to hear that, Soumya :)

(Subin Tp) #4


(Arul Venkadesh Chandrasekar) #5

Excellent taste.... looks same as how you made.... thanx Jane

(Jane Jojo) #6

Thanks for trying it out, Arul :) Happy to hear that you liked it.

(G Rani Dora) #7

Excellent, thanks

(Jane Jojo) #8

Thanks :)

(Huw) #9

Wow! Thanks for this recipe, it's amazing. Same as we had at our hotel in Mysuru when we stayed earlier this year. Thanks heaps!

(Jane Jojo) #10

Glad to hear that. Thanks a lot :)