Carrot (Gajjar) Halwa

(Jane Jojo) #1

Traditional Punjabi dessert made with carrots and milk. It goes well with Vanilla ice cream.

Cashew Nuts

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(Anirudh Surendranath) #2

This is my _favourite_ dish :) My mum prepares this really well. Thanks, Jane :)

(Jane Jojo) #3

Try it out, Anirudh!

(Anirudh Surendranath) #4

Will do! :)

(Trey) #5

I substituted milk for coconut milk and I used 1/2 tsp ground cardamom because I have no pods on hand. It was very tasty.

(Jane Jojo) #6

Great to hear from you! I'll definitely try once with coconut milk.

(Gomathy Aiyer) #7

Jane Chechi : I tried your recipe. But I think I stirred a lot and the grated carrot got little mashed than single pieces. You don't have to stir I guess? Thanks for the proportion. It came out just perfect but added more auger than you suggested.

(Gomathy Aiyer) #8

Hi Jane Chechi thanks for the recipe. The proportions you have suggested worked fine except that I added more sugar. But rather than grated form the carrot got little mashed up in the in the halwa. I think it was too much stirring. Do you have to stir ?

(Priya Jolly) #9

Its so simple n yummy! Thankyou again @Jane Jojo !

(Jane Jojo) #10

Thanks for tying it out, Priya :)

(Vineetha Srijit) #11

awesome recipe.. tried it many a time and hv always got praises !! thnks to d recipe :)

(Jane Jojo) #12

Thanks Vineetha :) Contribute your pic next time :)