Bitter Gourd Fry | Kakarakaya/Karela Fry | Paavakka Mezhukkupuratti Recipe | A Little Bit of Spice

(Jane Jojo) #1

Bitter gourd stir-fried with onion, thin coconut pieces, and spices. In Kerala, this dish is popular as Pavakka Mezhukkupuratti. This Bitter Gourd Fry / Karela Fry is a quick and healthy side dish that goes along with rice.

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(Frances Marion Brunner) #2

I do like karela, so I think I will try it. It looks good! But I want to know about the coconut. I can’t tell if this is fresh or dried coconut slices you’re using. Can you comment on this? Thanks!

(Jane Jojo) #3

You can use either fresh coconut square bite sized pieces or frozen ones. Dried ones won’t give exact same taste. I have tried using both fresh and frozen ones.