Authentic Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches cake, otherwise called as Three Milk Cake. Sweet and moist two layer cake with wet vanilla sponge cake base, topped with whipped cream. The vanilla cake base is soaked in rich milk sauce made out of three kinds of milk- evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and the half-and-half.

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So it says powdered sugar for the whip cream stuff but then you say to put it in the cake and put normal sugar in the whipping? Hope that's right bc that's how I did it lol cake is baking now.

I powdered the granulated sugar and used it in the cake. For the whip cream stuffing, I used confectioners sugar. I will clear it out in the instruction steps. How did your cake turn out?

I've made trees leche cake before and it turned out good. The texture was between dry and moist. But could I reduce the amount of sugar you put into the cake?

I have always made Tres Leches cake with the mentioned quantity of sugar (1.13 cup) in the recipe. But you can reduce 1/5th cup of the granulated sugar measurement in the cake (means take around .9 cup), if you want it less sweet. It should be fine I believe.

I was drawn to this recipe because on Pinterest someone commented that this recipe made the cake “way too soggy”, which to me and my husband that is the best kind of tres leches!
I followed the instructions diligently, and made my own cake flour with the cornstarch, but something went wrong. The cake itself was way too dense and thick. The flavor was definitely there, but the consistency was not. I was anticipating a really moist and soft tres leches, but it was really firm. Not sure where I went wrong? Could it have been the corn starch? I’ve never made a cake with cornstarch before and this is the first time it happened.

Also! Should the frosting be 1 cup whipping cream and 2 cups powdered sugar, instead of 2 c cream : 1 c powdered sugar? I ended up with a double batch of frosting.

Thank you! I will say the flavor of this cake was amazing! I want to try again, and hopefully get the consistency right this time.

Awesome recipe for tres leches however please fix the description. Tres Leches originated in Nicaragua not Mexico. Mexicans always end up taking the credit for all latin cuisine and this is not right!!! Do your research.